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My name is Mike and I am a graphic designer in my mid twenties, living in London.

I studied Graphic Design New Media at what was formally the Surrey Institute of Art and Design but became the University for the Creative Arts. I graduated with a Ba(hons) and during my course specialised in multimedia. For my final project I followed up on a childhood love of comics by creating a dynamic and semi-animated Web Comic called "Misery Loves Company".

Since I was little I have been obsessed with making things that are functional and beautiful. Some of my happiest memories of school were working on presentation booklets for projects or editing essays with pictures and info graphics.

Since leaving university I have tried to apply this love of function and design to all aspects of my life. In 2009 I was lucky enough to be given to opportunity to do work experience with the fantastic team at Graphic Alliance where I was opened up to web design. A small hobby of mine became an obsession and I have worked hard to teach myself the necessary coding skills to back-up my design ideas.

Whilst at university I became familiar and then proficient with the major core design packages such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I also developed an interest in animation using Flash and After Effects. I am now able to add web languages such as HTML and CSS to my list of skills and am constantly learning new tricks and even pieces of other languages such as Javascript and PHP. Whilst I don't claim the full skills of a developer with these extra languages and my constant involvement with them has lead me to develop an understanding of them that allows me (with a bit of research) to perform some quite advanced customisations and tricks with existing scripts or frameworks.

Whilst my primary focus at the moment is the web my previous interests in function and design often lead me to develop whole brands and other materials to work alongside sites. Currently I am taking new projects and I hope that if you like what you see on this site you might want to work with me!

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